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September 14, 2017

With the passing of Hurricane Irma all of us throughout Florida begin to try and recover both personally and professionally. Unfortunately our Ft. Myers facility has sustained major damage as a result of the storm. The winds ripped the solar panels off our roof causing severe flooding throughout our entire facility. The good news is our employees & their families are safe, but unfortunately we will not be able to operate from this facility anytime in the near future.

Until repairs are complete, distribution of our products will be coming from our Tampa location. We will be working on limited resources and packages until we can get fully operational. To our valued customers, we at J.J. Taylor stay committed to our mission to be First Choice as we all work together throughout this long recovery process. We ask for your patience as we make every effort to get our customers back on track so that you the consumer can get your favorite beverages back in hand. Cheers!