Hump Day Lunch Day: Hen House Eatery

Hen House EateryBreakfast lovers rejoice! Delicious breakfast is now served all day in Minneapolis! The concept for Hen House Eatery hatched when three friends, Barb Gardiner, Maribel Cuandros Perrault and Tara Koenig, who loved serving breakfast downtown Minneapolis decided to open a place of their own. With a shared vision of creating a dining experience that was both welcoming and vibrant, welcome Hen House Eatery! Hen House Eatery specializes in local food and drink using the freshest locally-sourced ingredients to serve a homemade meal cooked with heart and soul. Don’t forget about the beer! Hen House Eater has a cozy bar featuring a variety of craft beers. But really, how can you go wrong with breakfast and beer? Lets get started.

To kick things off, we ordered the blueberry banana pancakes topped with candies walnuts. Look at the size of this portion. As if the pancakes weren’t mouth watering enough, we chose to pair this dish with one of our favorites from Dark Horse Brewing Company, Raspberry Ale. Each batch of Raspberry Ale is brewed with real raspberries, not extract flavors. The raspberries give this beer a fruity aroma while keeping the beer balanced in taste. The raspberry flavor is not “overpowering” or oversewed” in this exception offering from Dark Horse Brewing. The tart sweetness of the blueberries pair well with the fresh raspberry flavor of the beer. The sweet, doughy, goodness of the pancake compliments the malt character of the beer. Overall it’s like having a Blueberry Raspberry Banana smoothie in a pancake. A great pairing to start the day.
Hen House EateryNext on our list is the chicken and waffles served with apple coleslaw and honey. Trust us, you do not want to pass on this wonderful dish.  We paired this dish with one of the fastest growing brands in 2015, none other than Not Your Father’s Root Beer from Small Town Brewery. Not Your Father’s Root Beer has a silky, smooth and satisfying finish that is unmatched in flavor. It appeals to craft beer aficionados as well as those who don’t typically drink beer, but crave something unique. The sweetness of the beer paired exceptionally with the malty, sweetness of the waffle. The sweetness of the fresh honey pairs perfectly with the sweetness of Not Your Father’s Root Beer we all know and love . The sweet saltiness of the chicken is balanced out from the root beer. This dish brings me way back to my childhood of drinking an ice cold root beer (non-alcoholic, of course) while enjoying chicken tenders at my kitchen table, but only wishing I could drink the root beer with my breakfast waffle the next morning.
Hen House Eatery NYFRBHen House Eatery not only specializes in wonderful breakfast dishes, but have a wide variety of traditional lunch and dinner offerings as well. It’s “Burger Time” at Hen House Eatery! The next and final course of this “Hump Day Lunch Day” is the cowboy burger with BBQ, bacon, hash browns and cheddar. Bourbon. BBQ. Bacon. Does anything more need to be said about this pairing. We paired this burger with Tyranena Rocky’s Revenge. Rocky’s Revenge is an American brown ale with a portion aged in bourbon barrels. Each bourbon barrel will contribute its own unique character to this rich, satisfying ale. The bourbon flavor of the beer lends itself to the sweetness of the BBQ sauce. The fatty, sweetness of the bacon gets lifted off your tongue by the light, bubbly, sweetness of the brown ale. A beautiful ending to a wonderful lunch.
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