Hump Day Lunch Day: Mackenzie Pub

Mackenzie Pub LogoAn American Bar with a Scotch flavor. Located in the heart of Downtown Minneapolis, Mackenzie Pub is known throughout the Twin Cities as having one of the best selections of craft beer. With 24 beers on tap and an excellent bottle selection, you will certainly find a beer to pair with the delicious food that Mackenzie Pub prepares from of their small, but remarkable open kitchen. This ‘Hump Day Lunch Day’ features the signature items that the patrons of Mackenzie Pub have come to love paired with a craft beer drinker’s favorite out of Boulder, Colorado… Avery Brewing Company! Come grab a bar stool and stay a while. You won’t be disappointed.
Mackenzie PubA common theme throughout this ‘Hump Day Lunch Day’ is Mack’s signature dishes. The first course from the kitchen is the Mack’s Smoked Chicken Wings covered in jerk sauce. If you love chicken wings, we have no doubt your mouth will water when you see this tray of wings land in front of you. Mackenzie Pub smokes the Mack’s Wings for hours to create a delicate, fall off the bone wing with a nice smokiness added for flavor. We paired the Mack’s Smoked Chicken Wings with The Beast from Avery Brewing Company. The Beast is a seducer – accommodating, complicated, powerful, dark and created to last the ages. Coming in around 15% alcohol by volume, The Beast will certainly sneak up on you. The Beast lends a perfect complement to the smoked wings. The wings bring out the candy sugar in the beer leaving your palate with a sweet and spicy flavor. A perfect harmony to one another.
Mackenzie Pub WingsFor the next dish we chose the Mack’s Works Flatbread. This flatbread is layered with pepperoni, sausage, red onion, green pepper, mushroom and black olive topped with melted cheese. There is no shortage of flavor in the Mack’s Works Flatbread. We paired this with a signature year-round offering from Avery Brewing Company. Ellie’s Brown Ale is beautiful, deep russet brew that has a sweet and somewhat nutty character. Crystal and chocolate malts give this beer a brown sugar matiness with hints of vanilla and nuts, while subtle hopping gives it an overall drinkability. The flatbread emphasizes the hop character in Ellie’s Brown Ale, along with a sweet, caramel flavor upfront and a roasty, smokiness to follow that pairs well with the many flavors of the flatbread.
Mackenzie Pub FlatbreadHerb and citrus roasted pork with grilled ham, jalapeno pickles, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard and chipotle mayo on a toasted ciabatta roll is the signature Mack’s Cuban. How delicious does that sound? Trust us… You can’t go wrong with this flavorful sandwich. We paired this Cuban with the bold, Imperial IPA Maharaja from Avery Brewing. Weighing in at a huge 112 IBUs, and 9.7% ABV, The Maharaja is a maniacal display of hops and malts. As you take a bite of the sandwich and wash it down with the Maharaja, the chipotle mayo and jalapeno pickles intensify the heat of the dish. There is also a tropical fruit flavor that you may notice as you pair these two offerings. A one of a kind pairing that is hard to find.
Mackenzie Pub CubanSticking with the Mack theme, this last dish is like no other ‘Big Mack’ you have ever had. Mackenzie Pub Big Mack burger is piled high with lettuce, onion, pickle, American cheese and topped with their own version of the special sauce. Avery The Czar complemented this burger exceptionally well. This big, bold and powerful Russian Imperial Stout consist of English toffee flavors, rich mocha, sweet molasses, candied currants and a hint of anise. The Czar pulls out the char and onion flavors from the Big Mack similar to a blooming onion. The burger showcases the hops in the beer and the slaw on the side lends a nice spice to the pairing. A beautiful ending to a spectacular lunch!
Mackenzie Pub Burger

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