Hump Day Lunch Day: The Muddy Pig

The Muddy Pig LogoAwarded ‘Best Beer List’ and ‘Best Neighborhood Bar’ by The City Pages, The Muddy Pig is one of the original Twin Cities’ craft beer bars located in the lively area of St. Paul on the corner of Selby and Dale.  Since 2002 The Muddy Pig has served only the finest beers from around the world specializing in American Craft and Belgian beers. If you love beer, you must visit The Muddy Pig.  Don’t be fooled by the quaint kitchen located behind the bar. The Muddy Pig produces fine home-style food that defines Selby/Dale cuisine.  Come enjoy a pint while chatting with your neighbors in this classic neighborhood pub. Lets get down to the food and beer pairings.

We kicked this ‘Hump Day Lunch Day’ off with an order of the steamed mussels. The mussels are steamed in a white wine and garlic sauce served with crusty bread. We paired this starter dish with Chimay Dorée. Brewed at the heart of Scourmont Abbey, Chimay Dorée, a beer previously reserved for members of the monastic community, their guests and their colleagues, is now yours to savor with its refreshing aromas of hops and spices. At 4.8% alcohol, the Belgium import is a sessionable table beer to enjoy and perfect when pairing with food, such as the steamed mussels. The citrus character from the mussels complement the dry, light and crisp flavors of the beer. The yeast flavors subdue the garlic and basil in the dish scrubbing the palate for another bite. Overall, this is a nice, light beer paired with a nice, light dish.
The Muddy Pig MinnesotaNext on the plate is the El Cuban. This is the big one and a house favorite! Carnitas, ham, cheese, sweet pickles and mustard all on a crusty Italian bread. Traditionally a pressed sandwich, The Muddy Pig does it a little different opting out of pressing the El Cuban. By not pressing the sandwich allows the wonderful flavor and juiciness from the pork to shine on the palate. The pickle and mustard on the sandwich add a nice vinegar and tanginess. We paired this sandwich with North Coast Le Merle Belgian Style Farmhouse Ale. Le Merle is a rustic ale, pale in color, inspired by the rich brewing traditions of the Flanders region. Abundant hops and a Belgian yeast strain contribute exotic aromas of tropical fruit. Le Merle lifts the vinegar of the sandwich from the palate allowing the floral bitterness from the hops to burst in your mouth as you take a sip. A wonderful pairing that leads us to our last dish.
The Muddy Pig St. PaulFor this last dish we welcomed the BBQ pork sandwich paired with Gouden Carolus Cuvee Van De Keizer Blue. Rated 100 overall on Rate Beer, This exceptional beer is a special version of the Gouden Carolus Classic with an enriched taste pallet and mysterious aromas added. The caramelized malts and its 11% Alc. Vol. give the Gouden Carolus Cuvée van de Keizer Blue the warm roundness of wine together with the refreshing taste of beer. The high alcohol of the beer cuts through the fatty, richness of the pork on the sandwich. The sandwich does not drown in BBQ sauce allowing the flavors of the pork to be more pronounced when greeting the palate. You know when you have a good food and beer pairing in front of you when no one is talking. We’ll leave it at that…
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