The 160-Year Legacy of Gluek Beer Lives On

Gluek Beer LogoGerman-Inspired. American Made.
Gluek Beer is inspired by old world tradition and made for today’s well-rounded drinker. Using Munich malts and traditional Saaz hops, this new formula pairs the best of German craftsmanship with high-quality American ingredients. A sessionable Lager, Gluek is designed to be enjoyed over the course of a shared, social experience.

Founded in 1857. Revived in 2017.
We like to say Gluek Beer was born in Germany and raised in Minneapolis. The first Gluek brewery was established on the banks of the Mississippi by German immigrant Gottlieb Gluek, one year before Minnesota was officially declared a state. By 1941, Gluek had not only survived prohibition and kept the troops’ spirits high during WWII, but had gained 7% of the beer market in Minnesota. By 1961, Gluek Beer was distributed in 27 different states across North America. Now, it’s back and here to stay.
Gluek CanOur Mission
Gluek Beer is here to celebrate a life fully lived. We do that by embracing the community, creating meaningful, memorable experiences and promoting balance.

Our flagship Gluek Pilsener Pale Lager is produced and packaged by Sleeping Giant
Brewing Co. in Denver, Colorado. We’ve paid great attention to ensuring the production of our brew is of the highest-quality premium standard. We’re also working with BevSource in St. Paul, who handles the logistics, from pre-to-post production. JJ Taylor Distributing Co. MN is the first Gluek Beer wholesaler signed on in Minnesota.

To re-launch Gluek Beer, we’re working with Superhuman, a creative agency based in Minneapolis. Our goal is to represent the perfect balance between work and play, promoting health and wellbeing, and celebrating craft beer as the great social mediator.

About Gluek Beer Founder and President Linda Rae Holcomb
Gluek Beer Founder and President Linda Rae Holcomb grew up in Minneapolis and has spent her life working downtown in the food, beverage & hospitality industry. She is also an International Yoga & Nutrition teacher and is passionate about helping people truly discover a well-balanced lifestyle.

Kieran Folliard on Gluek Beer
“I’ve known Linda for 20 years and am delighted to see that she is bringing the much loved Gluek Beer brand back to life.”

J.J. Taylor Distributing Company of MN President Christopher Morton on Gluek Beer
“We are excited to partner with Gluek Beer to bring the Minnesota staple back to bars and liquor stores across the state. Gluek Beer has deep roots in the state of Minnesota, dating back to 1857, and was raised as a standard for Minnesota beer drinkers. We look forward to a long and successful partnership.”

Beer Notes
5.25% ABV
Bitterness Units (BU): 32
Calories: 207/16 oz. tallboy

Initial Sizes and Formats
16 oz. Tallboy cans
1/2 BBL

More packaging sku’s and additional beer styles to come!

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