Award-Winning Schell’s Bock is Back!

Award-Winning Schell’s Bock is Back!

The August Schell Brewing Co., the second-oldest family-owned brewery in the country, brewer of Schell’s and Grain Belt, have released the award-winning Schell's Bock for a limited time.

Schell's Bock is now available in package and draft through J.J. Taylor's distribution footprint in Minnesota.

Taking home Gold at the Beverage Tasting Institute World Beer Championships, Schell's Bock is a dark-amber colored beer with a rich flavor and robust malt character that is commonly consumed during the coldest winter months. Schell's Bock is fermented slowly and lagered longer to ensure a smooth finish. Kick bock and enjoy a cold one!

Bock is also the inspiration of Schell's Bock Fest taking place at the brewery on March 7th, including the infamous search for the Seven Bocks of Winter. Legend has it that if all seven Bocks are found, winter will release its icy grip, which, as most Minnesotan's know, is time come by March! Drink a Bock and help beckon warmer weather! Every year over 5,000 festers make the annual pilgrimage to the Schell’s Brewery for a day outdoors filled with music, dancing and great Schell’s beer. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind event!

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