Basic Hard Seltzer Now Available in 4 Flavor Variety Pack

Basic Hard Seltzer Now Available in 4 Flavor Variety Pack

Basic Hard Seltzer comes in four simple flavors – Cranberry, Lemon, Cucumber and Pamplemousse (that’s French for grapefruit) and comes in variety 12 packs. The four flavors are modeled after how we take our Basic Vodka and soda; with a splash of grapefruit or cranberry and a squeeze of lemon or cucumber.

In a sea of seltzers, what makes Basic Hard Seltzer stand out? Well, unlike all those dating app ‘matches’ you’re making during quarantine, this Basic will actually text you back. Printed on the lid of every can is the following phone number; 312.500.6627. Text this number and receive all kinds of information. Follow a series of prompts and get no B.S. replies about everything from getting Basic knowledge dropped on you about upcoming events near you and information around the Basic ambassador program.


Text ‘Basic Facts’ if you want to seem smarter than you are to the happy hour crowd;

Text ‘Regret’ if you have ever fired off that 3:00 a.m. ‘you up’ text to your ex you wish you could unsend. We’ll anonymously feature our favorite regrets on our social channels so don’t hold back!

Text ‘Basic ambassador program’ if you want to get closer to achieving your dream of being a #influencer by working with us;

Text ‘#nobullshit’ to prove that you have the can in your hand and you’re not a troll;

You can also text whatever the f*&% you want if you’re just trying to holler at us.

“At Phusion, we take pride in our ability to innovate based on what consumers are looking for. People want less frills and less noise, especially now. This is why we’re so thrilled to launch Basic Hard Seltzer,” said Jaisen Freeman, Co-founder of Phusion Projects LLC. “All four flavors speak to the belief in getting back to the basics, simple ingredients done right. We’re really proud of that.”


  • 0 Added Sugars
  • 1 Carb
  • 4 flavors – Cranberry, Lemon, Cucumber and Pamplemousse
  • 4.5 % Alcohol by volume
  • 90 Calories
  • Gluten free
  • No B.S.
  • 100 % Basic

“We launched Basic Vodka in 2019 and consumers just seemed to get it. No fluff, just great tasting vodka. While there is a time and place for complexity, it shouldn’t be a prerequisite for what’s in your drink,” added Samantha Catalina, Marketing Director at Phusion Projects LLC. “We believe Basic Hard Seltzer will receive the same warm reception.”

For more information on Basic Hard Seltzer and purchase locations please visit and follow along at @DrinkBasic.

About Basic Hard Seltzer 

At Basic Hard Seltzer and Basic Vodka we believe that great products start with the best ingredients. It’s that simple. 

The quality of our products comes from a refined simplicity. Our focus is what’s inside not the branding around it. No impurities, no additives, no artificial flavors to mask the taste. Just good stuff. 

Basic Hard Seltzer comes in four flavors; Cranberry, Lemon, Cucumber and Pamplemousse and can be found at retailers, convenience stores, online delivery apps, bars and restaurants around the country. 

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