Cheers to Fleet of the Year!

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Photo courtesy of Beverage World Magazine.

is proud to be awarded the Beverage World Fleet of the Year award. Before bestowing this honor on our Company, Beverage World thoroughly examined “all aspects of the company’s business – not only its diverse portfolio and customer and client relationships, but also its commitment to the environment and use of advanced technologies.” Our Corporate Vice President of Administration (and overseer of Fleet Operations), Jose Rivera, had the privilege to discuss our Company in an interview with Beverage World including our initiatives and vision for the future of operations.

Jose expressed the J.J. Taylor way of “having the right personnel with the right skills and knowledge and providing them the best working environment” as our guiding philosophy. He was also proud to discuss how technology in our Company has improved our safety and maintenance operations. Most notable was the discussion about our ongoing conversion to a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) fleet which reduces our overall carbon footprint among other benefits. As Jose mentions, we are looking forward to “better-trained employees, lower costs per mile and better maintenance and appearance of our fleet” Company-wide.

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