Bomani Cold Buzz Alcohol-Infused Cold Brew Rolls Out in Minnesota

Bomani Cold Buzz Alcohol-Infused Cold Brew Rolls Out in Minnesota

J.J. Taylor Distributing is excited to announce the launch of BOMANI Cold Buzz, a first of its kind alcohol-infused cold brew coffee.

“In today’s fast-paced world, many consumers are working long hours and are trying to find the energy to still enjoy a healthy, social life,” said Amin Anjedani, Co-Founder and Chief of Product & Design. “We realized a lot of people added caffeinated chasers to their alcoholic beverages. That’s when we decided consumers deserve a convenient, healthy alternative to high-calorie espresso martinis or shots chased with synthetic energy drinks.”

After committing themselves to countless hours actively researching, networking, surveying, sampling, and testing their product, BOMANI landed on a combination of cold brew coffee and sugar-fermented alcohol (the same type of alcohol often used in hard seltzers). The result is a clean finish that allows for the smooth cold brew flavor to shine. From start to finish, BOMANI Cold Buzz contains aromas of caramel, chocolate, and toasted nuts. The product is intentionally free of carbonation and dairy to avoid bloating.

Purposely avoiding high-calorie, high-sugar, dairy-filled, and synthetic ingredients, BOMANI Cold Buzz is low calorie, low carbs, low sugar, and gluten-free – all with 5.7% ABV. On top of these healthier attributes, BOMANI partnered with coffee and alcohol industry veterans and worked tirelessly to ensure the final formula met their strict flavor standards.

Visual: Rich Caramel Color
Aroma: Subtle Notes of Caramel, Chocolate, and Toasted Nuts
Taste: Slight Sweetness; rich, yet not overpowering coffee flavor with very low acidity
Mouthfeel: Smooth, the preserved coffee oils in the cold brewing process maintain the ideal beverage viscosity
Body: Medium Body, Very Drinkable

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Photo Credit: BOMANI

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