Delivery Driver

Career in focus

The delivery driver role is crucial to J.J. Taylor and our commitment to serving our partners and communities. As the First Choice distributorwe prioritize on-time deliveries and customer-focused mindsetOur drivers arrive to our warehouse each morning ready to represent our company and exceed customer expectations. They drive trucks over established, assigned routes to deliver some of the world’s leading beer brands and other beverages. At each account, they unload, stock, and rotate product in stores, restaurants, and bars, interacting with customers and serving as a trusted beer advisor along the way.

Want to become a driver but don't have your CDL? Check out our CDL Training Program, where we train our employees in-house to get their license and become First Choice delivery drivers.

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"Coming to Work is Rewarding"

"I think coming to work every day is rewarding because I know I'm going to do good for the company and for myself. It's us getting that product up there and taking care of the customer. And it's been very rewarding to see those businesses I visit grow through all my years," stated a Delivery Driver at J.J. Taylor Distributing.

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