Deschutes Brewery Launches Neon Daydream Hazy Ale

Deschutes Brewery Launches Neon Daydream Hazy Ale

A pub-exclusive no more, Deschutes Brewery shares Neon Daydream Hazy Ale with the nation. The brewers at Deschutes Brewery have announced they are sharing a pub-exclusive with the nation. Released originally in their pubs, Deschutes is happy to share their popular Hazy Ale – Neon Daydream.

“Our pubs are where beers build momentum,” said Veronica Vega, director of product development for the brewery. “Our ability to engage with our customers while they’re sampling and receive direct feedback on new recipes is invaluable.”

A sessionable, 4.8% (alcohol by weight), Neon Daydream results from experimentation at the brewery’s pilot brewhouse. This beer is both sessionable and easy on the palate at only 35 IBU (International Bittering Units). But don’t let the low alcohol or bitterness fool you, Neon Dream has complexity.

However, coming up with the recipe for Neon Daydream wasn’t easy. 

After experimenting with various brewing methods, coupled with unique hop combinations, and using techniques to produce wheat, white, and hazy pale ales; the brewery settled on a Hazy Ale. Under the microscope at their sensory lab, the brewery notes aromas of orange and lemon citrus, fruity esters, and a noticeable citrus hop flavor. Finally, the brewery relied on the judgement of supporters like you, who consumed pint upon pint in waves at Deschutes’ pubs. 

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