Hairless Dog Brewing Provides Craft Beer Flavor with Zero Alcohol

Hairless Dog Brewing Provides Craft Beer Flavor with Zero Alcohol

It might not have the hair, but it has the bite. Hairless Dog Brewing Company was created to bring more people together over a healthier beer option. Based out of Minnesota, Hairless Dog Brewing Company specializes in making flavorful non-alcoholic craft beer coming in at 0.0% alcohol by volume.

Unlike category competitors who brew their NA beers with alcohol and then remove it during distillation, Hairless Dog invented an innovative brewing process in which alcohol is never introduced, making them the first 0.0% ABV craft NA beer in the country. Hairless Dog Brewing currently has four styles of craft beer available, all of which are 0.0% ABV, including an IPA, Citra Lager, Coffee Stout, and Black Ale – with new flavors slated for release in early 2021.

Using traditional methods and ingredients, Hairless Dog captures the real reasons people like beer – great flavor, good friends, and opportunities.

N/A beer has earned a sub-par reputation throughout the years. Hairless Dog is geared to change the perception of the non-alcoholic beer offerings. Through refinement, science, luck and some failures along the way, Hairless Dog has crafted something to serve the pickiest beer snobs.

100% craft. 0.0% ABV.

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