Insight Brewing Launches HOP DROP Variety & Hop Spin #2 For A Limited Time

Insight Brewing, based out of Minneapolis and founded in 2014, has a mission to brew the world’s finest beers and has built strong consumer loyalty with year-round brands, including Troll Way IPA, and seasonal offerings. J.J. Taylor Distributing Company of MN, Inc. is excited to release two new limited offerings from Insight Brewing, HOP DROP Limited IPA Mixed Pack and Hop Spin IPA #2 from the Rotating IPA Series.

Insight Brewing asked their brewers to drop a few of their favorites into Insight’s selection of IPA perfection. Introducing HOP DROP, a limited run IPA mixed pack that explores the diverse range of IPA’s. Indulge in highly crafted blends of hops and flavors that will excite your palate and satisfy your hop cravings and curiosities.

Hop Spin is Insight’s new series of limited-release IPAs. This series will offer a constantly spinning selection of IPA styles that will feature endless hop combinations and diverse flavor profiles. The second release in the Hop Spin Series is a massive 10.1% ABV Triple New England IPA that has a rich, thick, and full body necessary to support an amount of hops bordering on irresponsible. Strata and Idaho 7 hops are bursting with herbal flavors and notes of passionfruit and papaya. Buckle up before taking this one for a spin.

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