Lupulin Brewing Releases Tropical Fun Pants as New Year-Round

Lupulin Brewing Releases Tropical Fun Pants as New Year-Round

Lupulin Brewing announces a new year-round beer, Tropical Fun Pants (TFP), in package and draft.

This fun and refreshing fusion of beer and tropical fruit juices will leave you ready to go out and get your fun pants on! Mango, pink guava and passion fruit bring big fruit flavors with a balanced sweetness, TFP is the perfect anytime fun beer. 5% alc/volume and 12 IBU.

“We set out to make a fruit beer that drinks more like a seltzer, but with more flavor. The base of the beer is almost half fruitjuice, but it still drinks super light and refreshing without being heavy, sweet and filling. Our goal was to find a new style of fruit/beer hybrid and I’m excited that we’ve hit that perfect fusion with this beer. “ – Matt Schiller, Co-Founder & Vice Presidentof Operations.

“We are beyond excited to launch our sixth core brand this spring, one that fits a gap in our brand portfolio, and one that appeals to a much wider audience of consumers. Look for TFP to hit the local Minnesota markets now, followed shortly by our regional, national, and international distribution networks.” – Jack Merwin, Sales Manager.

Tropical Fun Pants will be available as a 16 oz 4-pack and on draft in bars & restaurants,

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