Miller Lite Announces “Ridiculously Long Calorie-Burning URL” for Big Game

Miller Lite Announces “Ridiculously Long Calorie-Burning URL” for Big Game

Miller Lite is responding to Michelob Ultra’s Big Game ad by releasing a campaign of its own featuring a 836-character URL proven to burn the single calorie difference between Miller Lite’s 96 calories and Michelob Ultra’s 95 calories. Yes, burning one calorie is as simple as typing in a ridiculously long URL. The campaign reminds drinkers that enjoying a beer with more taste is worth the one extra calorie, and beer drinkers are encouraged to type the URL during Michelob Ultra’s ad on Sunday, February 7 to get a six-pack of beer on Miller Lite. 

Miller Lite was the first light beer to hit shelves back in 1975 and for decades has given beer drinkers great taste they can depend on for only 96 calories. With its success came followers, including Michelob Ultra who boasts itself for having one calorie less than Miller Lite and has positioned itself as an option for athletes and gym-goers.

“For decades, Miller Lite has been known as the original great tasting and less filling beer,” said Sofia Colucci, Vice President of Marketing, Miller Family of Brands. “Through the years there have been many followers. And while yes, some others may have one less calorie, we know that everyone finds joy in something that tastes great.”

Miller Lite is adamant that consumers type in the URL to burn that single calorie difference, so in an unconventional marketing move led by DDB Chicago and San Francisco, the brand has opted to make it near-impossible to copy and paste. Instead, Miller Lite will only release the URL in the media as an image. It kicked off its campaign this morning with a full-page ad in the New York Times, as well as the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Miller Lite and Michelob Ultra’s respective hometown newspapers. In the coming weeks, consumers will experience the calorie burning URL across social, in print advertising, on major podcasts, and more.

Miller Lite will reward drinkers who complete the lengthy URL by awarding $8 via Venmo only on Sunday, February 7. Limited to first 5,000 entries. For more information, visit and follow @MillerLite on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

NO PURCH. NEC. Miller Lite awarded as $8. Open to legal res of 50 US/DC, 21+ only. Begins 2/7/21 and ends at 9:30 PM CT 2/7/21 or after all 5000 prizes have been awarded. For Rules, visit Void where prohibited. Msg&data rates may apply.

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