Nova Easy Kombucha with 6% Alcohol Launches in Minnesota

Nova Easy Kombucha with 6% Alcohol Launches in Minnesota

Some things in life are good for you. Other things in life are fun. They don’t meet each other very often, but when they do, life gets pretty brilliant, pretty quickly.

Nova Easy Kombucha is one of those rare things – where health, balance, and goodness meet. Nova Easy Kombucha has sourced the highest-quality, natural ingredients to deliver you something you can feel good about putting in your body.

Coming in at 6.0% alcohol by volume, Nova Easy Kombucha is gluten-free, vegan, probiotic, and naturally fermented.

Nova Easy Kombucha is now available in Minnesota in three delicious offerings.

Nova Easy Kombucha Mango, Ginger
Product Details: The sweet smoothness of ripe mango, brewed with the subtle heat of fresh ginger. Good for hot, hazy days and long, lazy evenings.
Ingredients: Tea, Raw Kombucha, Mango, Ginger, Yeast

Nova Easy Kombucha Orange Brunch
Product Details: This sparkling and flavorful drink is crafted through a unique and proprietary fermentation process that removes sugar and calories from the orange juice, while increasing its antioxidant power. This keeps the natural flavors and freshness of the fruit. This drink is perfect for brunch, a mid-week happy hour, or a weekend outdoor gathering.
Ingredients: Raw Kombucha, Orange Juice, Yeast

Nova Easy Kombucha Peach, Passion Fruit
Product Details: Inspired by nature, we combined the flavors of delicious peach and passion fruit to create a vibrant, sparkling, and totally natural drink.
Ingredients: Raw Kombucha, Peach, Passion Fruit, Yeast

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