Sociable Cider Werks Introduces Low-Calorie Skinny Tire

Fresh, light, and crushable. Coming in at 4% alcohol by volume and only 80 calories, Sociable Cider Werks Skinny Tire Light Apple is produced using freshly pressed apples brewed with a touch of cane sorghum fermented to a low alcohol content. It’s Freewheelers little brother.

Tasting Notes
Aroma: Fresh apple, earthy, subtle yeast
Appearance: Pale golden yellow, brilliantly clear, fine bubbles
Flavor: Dry apple with balanced acidity
Mouthfeel: Light body, gentle cleansing bubbles

Recommended Food Pairings
Smooth Cheeses: Fresh mozzarella, brie, gruyere
Meats: Roasted chicken, fried fish, sushi
Legumes: Chickpeas, peanuts, pecan
Spicy Flavors: Fruit-based sauces, vinegar dressings

Sociable Cider Werks Skinny Tire Light Apple is now available in package and draft. Learn more at

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