The New Simply Spiked Juicy Peach Bursts with Refreshing Flavor

The New Simply Spiked Juicy Peach Bursts with Refreshing Flavor

Simply Spiked has been making waves and shaking up the flavored alcoholic beverage scene since bursting onto shelves last spring with the launch of Simply Spiked Lemonade. Simply Spiked is back with an innovation that packs the same 5% real fruit juice, squeezed then concentrated, that fans expect to find in every Simply Spiked offering. Inspired by the flavor its fans have been screaming (and tweeting) for since day one: Simply Spiked Peach.

“With the launch of Simply Spiked Lemonade in 2022, we tapped into a highly engaged and loyal group of Simply brand fans that had been waiting for a spiked version of their favorite juice flavors with 5% ABV for years,” said Joy Ghosh, vice president of Above Premium Beer & FMBs at Molson Coors Beverage Company. “So when we looked towards developing our next Simply Spiked innovation, it was obvious that we should listen to our day one fans and give them the flavor they’ve been asking for. Enter Simply Spiked Peach.”

While Simply Spiked is all about giving the people what they want, they also have the stats to back up their Simply Spiked Peach expansion. Peach is proving to be the hottest flavor of the moment as supported by a combination of growth potential, consumer appeal and category indicators. In fact, peach flavor growth is predicted to outperform 90% of all other food and beverage ingredients over the next four years, experiencing a 137% 4-year peach-flavored TAB growth in dollar sales.

Since launching in 2022, Simply Spiked has generated mass social conversation, asserting It’s itself as a top five FMB brand. As the brand continues to expand, Simply Spiked is investing further in the communities that have supported them since day one with authentic media partnerships and marketing.

In addition to product integrations and partnerships, the launch of Simply Spiked Peach will be supported by a 360 media and advertising plan that is expected to reach over 90% of the consumers within the brands’ target demographics.

To learn more about the release of Simply Spiked Peach and when and where you can get a juicy 12-pack for yourself, visit and follow the brand on Facebook and Instagram @drinksimplyspiked and on Twitter @Simply_Spiked.

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