The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Athletic Brewing Company

The Rise of Non-Alcoholic Beverages and Athletic Brewing Company

In recent years, a remarkable shift has taken place in the beverage industry as consumers increasingly seek healthier and more mindful alternatives. The demand for non-alcoholic options has surged, and one company at the forefront of this movement is Athletic Brewing Company. With their NA beer offerings such as, Run Wild, Upside Dawn, and Free Wave, Athletic Brewing has carved a niche in the market, catering to individuals who are embracing a non-alcoholic lifestyle without compromising on taste or quality.

Embracing the trend, the market has responded with an array of non-alcoholic beverages that provide alternatives to traditional alcoholic offerings. Among them, non-alcoholic beers have gained immense popularity, allowing consumers to enjoy the taste, social aspect, and ritual of beer drinking without the intoxicating effects. At the forefront of this movement stands Athletic Brewing Company.

Athletic Brewing Company, founded in 2017 by Bill Shufelt and John Walker, was born out of a passion for craft beer and an aspiration to create quality brews that cater to an active, healthy lifestyle. The company’s mission is to offer an inclusive experience that brings people together, regardless of their alcohol preferences.

  1. Run Wild: The Flagship IPA One of Athletic Brewing Company’s most renowned creations is Run Wild, an alcohol-free India Pale Ale (IPA). Run Wild delivers a flavorful and hop-forward profile that mirrors the experience of a traditional IPA without the alcohol. With its citrusy and piney notes, balanced bitterness, and crisp finish, Run Wild appeals to both IPA enthusiasts and those seeking a refreshing non-alcoholic option.
  2. Upside Dawn: Crisp and Bright Golden Ale Upside Dawn, Athletic Brewing Company’s Golden Ale, offers a lighter and more approachable taste profile. This non-alcoholic beer showcases a delicate blend of malted barley and hops, resulting in a crisp and clean flavor with hints of biscuit, citrus, and a gentle sweetness. Upside Dawn is a versatile choice for any occasion, from post-workout refreshment to a relaxing evening at home.
  3. Free Wave: Hoppy and Refreshing Hazy IPA For those who crave the juicy and hazy characteristics of an IPA, Athletic Brewing Company presents Free Wave. This non-alcoholic Hazy IPA boasts a tropical and citrus-forward flavor profile with a smooth mouthfeel. Free Wave combines the best of both worlds, offering a refreshing and hoppy experience that will delight beer lovers while remaining alcohol-free.

Beyond their exceptional lineup of non-alcoholic beers, Athletic Brewing Company offers a community-focused experience that extends beyond the bottle. The company actively promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, collaborating with athletes, organizing events, and supporting charitable causes. They have created a community that celebrates and embraces the joy of an alcohol-free lifestyle while connecting like-minded individuals.

As the world embraces a more mindful and balanced approach to living, the demand for non-alcoholic beverages continues to surge. Athletic Brewing Company is leading the charge by providing high-quality, flavorful, and alcohol-free options that cater to diverse palates and lifestyles.

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