Mission/Vision Statement


J.J. Taylor’s mission is to be “First Choice” in distributorships for our employees, customers and suppliers. 


J.J. Taylor Distributing is committed to being First Choice to our employees, customers and suppliers and creating value through optimal growth as the “variety leader” in the beverage industry. 

We strive to provide outstanding customer service and out perform the competition with excellence in execution. We will be a great sales and distribution operation by focusing on continually improving our processes, portfolio and customer service. 

We will achieve greatness through our most important asset, our employees. By providing training and ensuring the right fit for all positions, we will enable our employees to be the best for both themselves and the organization. 

We will embrace a diverse workforce and ideas. Our leaders will inspire others to perform at a higher standard through active listening, truthfulness and simplistic systems that succeed. 

We will be an active member of our community, participating in events that promote a responsible lifestyle. 

Core Values

We are a professionally managed organization that strives to be “First Choice” in distributorships for our employees, customers and suppliers by building mutually beneficial relationships. 

Core Values - Employees

  • Our most important asset is our people.
  • We are an employer that listens and cares.
  • Our employees are valued and appreciated.
  • We provide a safe work place.
  • Our culture is built on honesty and accountability.

Core Values - Customers

  • We seek to be our customers’ trusted beer advisor.
  • We strive to earn our customers respect and add value.
  • We act with integrity and fairness in what we say and do.

Core Values - Suppliers

  • We execute.
  • We want a relationship of mutual understanding and respect.
  • We are innovative.
  • We are a role model for distributor integrity and fair dealing.
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